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Adweek newsletters bring insight and expertise to your inbox to help you do your job better. From daily agenda-setting must reads to deeper news and analysis, from agencies to performance…

Meme Report

The first place on the internet dedicated to meaningful criticism of current memes. Memes come and go—and they can be difficult to keep up with. This is the report you…


our essential guide to what’s good on the internet. Hot takes and in-depth analysis on topics relevant to the social media world. Suscribe here:

After School by Casey Lewis

Daily links ’n things about youth culture and Gen Z consumer trends. This fun-to-read newsletter delivers the best internet content you may have missed in an easy-to-digest format. Here you…

Link in Bio

Link in Bio is a newsletter by Rachel Karten about working in social media, creating clever content, and making sure your boss never asks you to “go viral”. Suscribe here:…

ICYMI by Lia Haberman

Be the marketing superstar every agency wants on their team. Subscribe for weekly creators and social media pro insights to make you better at your job. Englischsprachiger Newsletter, Link:

Pretty little Marketer

„Surviving and thriving in the whirlwind world of marketing isn’t easy but it can be, with your favourite marketing community👋“ Englischsprachiger Newsletter, Anmeldung auf der Website:

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